The Moreland family has called Bourbon home for the past ten years.  They have a love for nature, and really enjoy getting out doing active things such as hiking and cycling together as a family.  Phil Moreland has fond childhood memories of visiting his aunt's shaved ice stand in Jefferson County, his lovely wife, Amanda, remembers visiting Ted Drewes with her family in St. Louis, and learning to make homemade sweet tea from her grandmother.  So, when the family decided that they wanted to open a shaved ice stand outside their beloved home at 111 Highway C, the main menu choices were clear: shaved ice, Ted Drewes and homemade sweet tea!  They also chose to add a few other favorites such as Nachos, Frito Pies, and stuffed pretzels for a well-rounded snack menu. 

The Morelands with the help of their three children worked together to build the Shave & Flave stand themselves and opened for business on June 25, 2017.  The cstand is open seven days a week, come on out for a nice snack or to cool off with a tasty shaved ice on a hot day!  You may find Amanda out greeting guests, making sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

In 2020 the Morelands moved operations to 194 N. Old Highway 66 in Bourbon and opened Jo's Coffee Shack along with Shave & Flave at the new location, and now offer a drive through window and indoor seating!